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Here’s a little history about how I stumbled upon Insolia and how they changed the course of my life – literally.

You see I wasn’t always in the shoe game or even the retail game. I was actually in marketing and advertising for the better part of a decade before Insolia entered my life. You see while I love the IDEA of fashion I am a comfort girl through and through and always trying to cheat to make myself more comfortable. Pants that look great but feel like trackies? Sign me up! Floaty tees that look elegant but feel like PJs? Yep, that’s for me.

Add on top of that a lifetime of foot issues, a passion for science and a hunger for the newest thing (I’m the consumate early adopter) and you’ll find me googling away 4 years ago looking for MBTs online to see if I can exercise and get away with not wearing my orthotics (I can’t by the way, but that’s another story!). As you do when googling I clicked on a few other links that interested me until I stumbled across an article that was about, you guessed it, Insolia. I was immediately intrigued. A product that didn’t just pad the shoe but actually changed the contours so your weight was shifted back to where it should be.  It made total sense and I knew I just had to try them out for myself. Wearing heels for a full day without pain sounded like heaven.

So I contacted the manufacturer and sure enough they were looking for an Australian distributor. I said if they worked as well as they claimed I’d be interested in doing it myself. Well, they did. Though I should add here that I’m probably the norm for Insolia. I fall in the middle of what we call the bell curve. There is a subtle difference I notice straight away however after several hours I really know they’re working. I can dance for hours in shoes I normally could only walk in for 1.  And that’s how I came to be involved.