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OK, so we know that we walk a fine line with Insolia. On the one hand we know high heels are not good for you. We really do. So why do we then make a product that encourage you to wear high heels? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?  Well the thing is if we said don’t wear high heels would you? You already know they’re not good but you still wear them. And so do I. So we instead say to wear them responsibly. Kind of like the drink in moderation message but for you feet! That’s really how Insolia came to be invented. Dr Dananberg knew that no matter how many times he told his patients not to wear heels they were still going to. So if he couldn’t eliminate them he might as well make them better.

But where do we draw the line? Well, there are a few lines but hits one is pretty easy.High Heels for kids. Yep, children’s high heels! Pioneered by the likes of Suri Cruise, kids high heels are apparently taking off Stateside and the trend is growing.

Now it seems Beyonce has gotten in on the act, modelling her daughter Ivy Blue’s tom Ford High Heels.

High Heels for Children – A Step Too Far?

I’m just going to say this once. High heels for kids is not OK. Even with Insolia. Children’s feet are developing, as is their spine, their knees, their hips – everything! While I’m not aware of any studies (they would be unethical anyway!) that have looked at the impact of high heels on a growing body it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s not good. Given what high heels can do to a fully developed body you can only imagine what the impact would be on one that is still trying to develop. Aside from the risk of injury the long temr impact of frequent wear could very well be permanent. This ‘trend’ kind of reminds me of Tan Mom, the crazy woman who felt it totally appropriate to take her six year old to a solarium for a bit of ‘fashionable bronzing’.

Tan Mom

Tan Mom


Or to take it step further, the old foot binding practice in China to keep feet tiny and ‘beautiful’.

HIgh Heels Foot Binding

Foot Binding

While kids high heels may not be quite as offensive (maybe) and may even have a place in the dress up box, high heels in a child’s everyday life – including ‘special occasions’ – are not OK. Period. OK I said it twice.