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Just in case you missed it, shoohoos are here! What, you say?

  • Shoohoos are our latest product and I promise you are going to LOVE them!
  • Shoohoos  are elastic laces that convert any lace up shoes into a slip-on.
  • Shoohoos are made of stretchy silicone so you’ll never have to tie your shoelaces again. Yep, never.

But they’re not just functional. They come in an array of colours from brights to black and white and you can even mix and match for a fun multi-coloured look. Let’s put it this way, you don’t have to change your shoelaces ever – but you’ll probably want to. 


shoohoos in all colours

shoohoos in all colours

Of course if you are of a more subdued natured you can keep it simple. Like this:

elastic laces

white shoohoos


And yes, you can put them on your kids’ shoes! If you have little ones just double loop them or cross them over like this:

hickies laces for kids

Shoohoos slide easily into the eyelets of shoes and are secured by a small loop and hook. Once in they never need to be removed. The stretchy elastic adapts to the shape and width of any shoe, and loosens and contracts with movement to provide a comfortable fit. Shoohoos keep their shape and elasticity over time and can easily be switched between shoes.

Shoohoos come in packs of 14 in multiple colours including black, white and neons. RRP $12.95 and you can buy them from our webstore

Buy shoohoos from our secure webstore