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OK, this one is a little kooky but apparently it’s quite scientifically valid (and I’m getting to the Insolia part – bear with me). Wearing High Heels can actually help you not overspend. Not buying it? (pun intended) Have a read of this article. Its from the ABC  – and you know they wouldn’t lie to us.

Wear high heels to curb overspending

If you’re not so inclined to read through the whole article, here’s the lowdown ladies.

When you walk in flats you are balanced. Your innate balance comes naturally so you are not really conscious of it – it just ‘is’.However in high heels your balance is interrupted and you have to consciously make an effort to stay balanced. That in turn links with your ‘mental’ balance. Give new meaning to the phrase ‘sensible heels’, doesn’t it?

In other words once you’ve awoken your sense of physical balance you also awaken your mental balance and become more conscious of what you are doing (and spending)

Of course here’s the dilemma. Insolia All Day Heels assist with your balance in high heels. In fact, if you’re in a pair of 70mm high heels chances are if you stick Insolia in them then you’ll feel as balanced (and comfortable) as if you were wearing flats.

And so we have a condundrum. Do you chose to shop in umcomfy, unbalanced high heels and shop sensibly or do you use Insolia All Day Heels and shop with abandon?

Our advice? Shop in sensible, flat shoes. Not only is it good for your wallet, it’s good for your health. Keep the high heels and Insolia inserts for special occasions!