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The clever folks at a company called Curvebeam have developed an imaging scanner that can analyse your foot behaviour and functionality. So what does it show? Well, pretty much what we already know! Of course in high heels, where the weight is taken predominantly by the forefoot, or ball of foot, as opposed to the heel, this is particularly significant.The pressure is concentrated at the ball at the foot in anything higher than an inch which puts pressure on all the tiny joints and bones at the pointy end of your foot.

You can read a full article about it here:

Love high heels? This article may make you reconsider

Dr Dananberg, who invented Insolia, found this out using his in-shoe pressure mapping system that the problem (and therefore the only logical solution) was that of weight shift. High heels shifted weight from the heel onto the ball of the foot, throwing your whole body out of alignment. Insolia was designed to counteract this, shifting the weight back to the heel where it naturally should be. Who would have thought a man would come up with the solution to painful high heels!