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You may have recently seen an ad on TV that is promoting a product called Comfi Heels (or Comfy Heels). A question we’ve been asked is are Comfi Heels the same as Insolia.

In short, no. Comfi Heels are not like Insolia. But let’s elaborate as looking at the products that work differently to Insolia is also a great way to understand why Insolia really are so unique.

Firstly, Insolia is patented worldwide – there really is nothing like them on the market. Insolia were developed by both a podiatrist and a rocket scientist (yes!) so that not only do they take into account the physiology but also the bio-mechanics of the body. Ie How the body moves.

Podiatrist Howard Danaberg spent countless hours researching how women walk in high heels, what the issues were and then how to correct those issues. Just saying this bit gets sore, put a bandaid on it (ie a foot cushion like Party Feet) doesn’t address the core of the problem, it only address the symptoms (and even then it doesn’t do that well).

Once he isolated the problem he then engaged engineer Brian Hughes to assist in finding out the best way to address the problem. The solution they came up with was Insolia. Insolia puts pressure on certain bones in the foot, rotating the ones affected by high heels back to their natural position, thus shifting the body back to it’s natural centre of gravity.

Insolia really did pioneer the idea of shifting body weight as opposed to cushioning the foot to solve the problem of painful high heels. Of course once the ‘solution’ was out so were the copycats. This is not the first time we’ve seen another product claim the same weight shift solution and normally we simply let people find out for themselves however we thought we’d address it as many of you are curious as to the differences.

Comfi Heels were also designed by a podiatrist and essentially claim the same mechanism – a shift back to the centre of gravity, however there are some fundamental issues with the product and the claims. This is what they say:

“Comfi Heels are comfort insoles designed for your high heels. Comfi Heels orthotic insoles feature patented technology to shift your weight back towards your natural center of gravity, alleviating pressure and improving body alignment while increasing stabilization. Just remove the adhesive backing and slip Comfi Heels into your shoes. Feel comfortable instantly all day long.”

Sound familiar? Yep, that’s almost identical to what we say bout Insolia All Day Heels and have been saying since long before Comfi Heels (or any other ‘weight shift’ solution arrived on the scene). And while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery our patent really means imitation is simply not possible.

Just looking at them you can already see they are vastly different in design to Insolia.

Here’s an image from their website:

Comfi Heels website image

Comfi Heels website image

Comfi Heels are a hard plastic insert like an orthotic with no metatarsal support.  This means they require a closed back shoe and that it comfort at higher heel levels such as 60mm and up is unlikely. Plus they provide no evidence for their claims which is unusual given they have a full 40 minute ad so have plenty of opportunity to do so. While we have yet to examine them closely we also see no mechanism for re-aligning the bones on the foot – one of the key functions of Insolia and also a patented one and often one that is misunderstood by most.

Ultimately they appear no different than a Scholls product which we know do not make a difference in terms of biomechanics or as is frequently the case they may actually hurt because they were designed without an understanding of biomechanics.

They are also 3 times more expensive than Insolia.

That said they do offer a money back guarantee – as do we. If you’re still unsure you could always try both and send back the one you don’t like. We’re up for the challenge!