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If you haven’t heard the news yet, there’s some fresh research coming out by a podiatrist about the dangers of high heels. In a nutshell, a Melbourne based podiatrist has been researching high heel injuries (like when you take a tumble after a few drinks in your not-so-fabulous-now-heels-that-were supposed to make you look great but have instead made you look like a goose) and found they are alarmingly high.

The most common time for high heel injures to rear their head? Sunday mornings. Yep, when your 5th vodka soda has worn off and you realise that you ankle REALLY hurts. And that little tumble you took (or even just a stumble) was perhaps not so little.

You can read the full article here:

High heels a painfully low point for hundreds

High Heels are uncomfortable. We know that but why is it high heels are also dangerous?  Because they sift your centre of gravity, putting you off balance and this makes you more prone to toppling over. On top of that heels with a thin heel (as opposed to a chunky heel or wedge) make balancing even harder and significantly decrease ankle stability.

Despite all this women will no doubt continue to wear high heels. Insolia All Day Heels can help as they shift your centre of gravity back to where it should be and increase ankle stability. A 7cm heel can almost be completely corrected by Insolia. You should also try and avoid exceptionally high heels – the higher they are the harder you fall if a good rule to remember. And select chunkier styles or wedges to increase stability.