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Have a look at what they're saying about Insolia All Day Heels at beautyheaven.com.au!

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Insolia on BeautyHeaven.com.au

Here are just a handful of excerpts taken from reviews written by indetenpent cosnumers like yourself:

"I've tried gel pads for the supporting the balls of your feet, but Insolia works way better! It's designed to shift the weight of your feet towards the back, rather than putting all the weight on the front of your foot, so you can wear it for so much longer and feel much more stable and comfortable!
No more taking your shoes off and giving up halfway through the night due to sore feet!"

I bought these for a friend of mine whose always out late at bars dressed in very high heels. She loved them - told me she could now go dancing for hours in her heels without her feet getting sore! I'm going to go out and grab a pair for myself!

"These are such a great invention I've gone from having aching feet my lunch time to being able to walk around for miles without pain although I wouldn't tackle some terrain even with these! I find the extra cushioning these add Is just wonderful but I'm also surprised that they help with posture! Even better"

"These inserts are fabulous . I was wearing 11cm heels the other day and i bought a pack of these as i went out because my feet were killing me. So i used these inserts and they really worked, shifting the searing pain from my toes to ...well...nowhere! No doubt my heels still hurt a bit as they WERE 11cm and i WAS walking around, but i didnt get any blisters so i'm definetely loving these!"

"So I inserted them into my most uncomfortable and (and at the moment) favourite heels – and I was instantly amazed at how the small foot gadgets slip under the heel and actually create the feeling of wearing a lower heeled shoe – it really worked, my 10cm stilettos actually felt comfortable. All day!"

"I got a pair of All Day Heels and decided to try them out in my work shoes. I couldn't believe the difference it made! Before All Day Heels I would come home and the balls of my feet would ache now I don't have the ache and my toes feel far more comfortable in my shoes. I don't really understand how something so small can make such a difference but it does! "

"My favourite shoes must be my black high heeled platform shoes.At work I'm on my feet 90% of the day.
It makes me feel sexy but at the end of the day all I want is to give the shoes away BUT after trying All Day Heels I could even go out on the town with them. Highly recommendable!!"

"My feet feel amazing. You really have to try this product. I used this and notice that my feet don't hurt at the end of the day. I can be on my feet all day and keep going till late at night with drinks with friends."

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