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All Day Heelsinserts are a new type of high heel insert Invented for high heel lovers (and haters!) everywhere. All Day Heels inserts minimise discomfort and correct the other negative effects of high heels by shifting the body weight back to where it naturally would be so your high heels feel more like flats. Other products are simply cushioning or arch supports.

They use contours to reposition your foot inside a high heel, shifting weight off the ball of your foot onto the heel so there’s less pressure on the ball of your foot, less pain and you have better posture. They go beyond just comfort to dramatically improve foot health, body alignment and walking efficiency. They actually create the feeling of a lower heel and in addition they make you look better walking in them.

Working with the biomechanics of the foot, All Day Heels Inserts re-contour the inside of high heels to shift weight onto the heel, to improving weight distribution, comfort and stability. The construction cups the heel and increases contact area throughout the sole so that high heels suddenly feel about half as high.

By more evenly distributing pressure All Day Heels Inserts keep about 25% of weight that would slide down to the toe positioned at the back of the heel, so you feel like you’re wearing heels much lower than they actually are.

It is easiest to see what Inserts do by using a pressure mapping system.

These area pressure maps of a foot in flat shoes, high heels and in high heels with Insolia Inserts.


Flat Shoes              Without All Day Heels  With All Day Heels

In the flat shoes the pressure is naturally on the heel.

In high heels the pressure has shifted onto the ball of the foot creating a burning sensation.

In t
he SAME PAIR OF HIGH HEELS but with Insolia Inserts, the weight has been shifted back to the heel, like it would be in flat shoes. This is how All Day Heels make high heels comfortable.

Try them for a day or night in a pair of your favourite high heels and feel the difference a subtle shift in your body weight can make.