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Whether you’re busy rushing between meetings or enjoying a long night dancing, All Day Heels ensure the look you love doesn’t cramp your style.

All Day Heels are a revolutionary product designed to make wearing high
a more comfortable experience, reducing and in some instances eliminating
the pain that prevents so many women from enjoying wearing high heel shoes. Comfortable high heels are no longer a thing of the past!

All Day Heels inserts are a true breakthrough in highheel comfort because of the unique design that actually changes the way you stand in high heels.

High Heels cause your body weight to shift from its natural centre, throwing you
posture out of alignment and putting pressure on the balls of your feet.

•  Other products simply cushion the ball of the foot.
•   All Day Heels are different.
•  They actually re-align your foot to where it naturally should be.

All Day Heels Inserts use technology to shift weight off the balls of your feet and back to your heel. This reduces pressure on the balls of your feel and restores
your balance, allowing you to return to your natural heel-toe stride and providing a more comfortable fit.

It actually feels like you are wearing heels only half as high so your favorite heels remain comfortable 3 times longer.

No more stumbling home with aching feet and your shoes in your hands.
Insolia Inserts will ensure you walk home in comfort and style.


All Day Heels even make you look better in your high heels!