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- - - - - - - Insolia All Day Heels

All Day Heels are invisible inserts that subtly change the way your foot sits within the high heel shoe. They are not like Party Feet or any other product on the market.

All Day Heels inserts are not a cushioning product, so don’t be surprised when you first try All Day Heels to find they are not soft in your high heels. You also may be surprised to find they are place at the back of your high heel shoes.

You may also be surpirsed to know that cushioning products can actually cause damage to your feet! Insolia inserts are different are are better for your foot health and also for your whole body.

All Day Heels inserts are suitable for any style of high heel shoe and are undetectable in even the most delicate high heels - including strappy Summer sandals - so no one will know your style secret!

Thanks to Insolia inserts, women no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style.

The All Day Heels Difference

All Day Heels fundamentally change the inside of high heel shoes to mimic the physiology of a lower heel, shifting weight off the ball of the foot back to the heel. By more evenly distributing the pressure high heels might begin to feel more like flat shoes. That's the beauty of these high heel insoles. It's not cushioning or padding like Party Feet or other high heel insole.

The result is:

•  restored balance that allows women in heels to return to their natural heel-toe stride.
•  improved body alignment
•  a higher degree of ankle stability
•  reduced pressure on the ball of the foot.
•  reduced leg and lower back fatigue
•  reduced leg and lower back pain caused by walking improperly.

According to our many loyal fans All Day Heels are the best inserts for high heels.